Adrenal Body Type


“It is imperative to eliminate toxins from the body, before starting any weight correction regime.”

Return To Health

Getting Healthy is the first order of business.  Toxicity is a common problem for people with dietary issues.  When you detoxify your body, the toxins will be removed from your body so that you can begin to get healthy.  You cannot lose weight and keep it off unless you are healthy.  Many people who have used this program find that they are no longer plagued with chronic health issues after detoxification, body type diet and the proper exercise.  Getting healthy is the greatest long term benefit.  In this program you will be given a specific diet for your body shape.  You will also be given a specific exercise program.  It is important with all weight correction programs that you do not lose too much weight or lose the weight too fast.  Remember, your exercise must be unique to your body shape to accomplish long term results.

Adrenal Body Type

In this particular body type, a large sagging belly with legs and arms being normally proportioned.  As in the picture above there are 3 stages of change.  Obviously, the sagging belly is in the last stage, but it is certainly not anything to wait to happen to you if you can correct it in an earlier stage.  Over time, the belly gets larger and continues to lack support, thus the sagging appearance. 
The problem here is the hormone cortisol.  This is the “stress handling” hormone.  Cortisol increases with stress in your life.  Not good.  Your weight continues to increase.  Your desire for salt and sweets increase while your energy levels decline.  This is especially seen in women who are adrenal body types.  The typical Adrenal Body Type experiences difficulty in getting out of bed in the morning, feels functional around 10 a.m., has an energy crash around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, they typically feel much better in the evening.  The hormones are increasingly imbalanced.  You will notice edema (swelling), your weight continues to climb, you lose your motivation, you get out of breath easily and after time, you may notice a slight hump just below the nape of your neck, commonly referred to as “buffalo hump”.  Not much to look forward to.  That is why it is imperative to get yourself healthy, learn the correct exercise for your body type and lose the weight you really don’t want!


If you have an Adrenal Body Type and follow a low calorie diet with lots of exercise, it will only make you worse!  This approach to weight loss will add MORE stress to an already stressed-out body.  Stimulants increase stress on the adrenal glands which increase the production of cortisol which then results in fat storage.  When you start your weight loss program, you will receive a Complete Adrenal Body Type Guide that will include the detoxification program, the Adrenal Body Type diet and a specific exercise program for the Adrenal Body Type.  All will be included FREE of charge.